My previous positions of public appearances.They began in

Summer of 1988, where Andreas Berger with artist from Berlin

Apparently in vaudeville for the first time the boards, which mean the world

entered and there with his pantomime itself was the best.

Other appearances include vaudeville chameleon, Winter Garden,

Dream Theater Salome, children's circus TABORKA, Kindl Boulevard,

Hotel Estrel, Helloween - KaDeWe - Berlin Fair (IFA, UTECH, ITB), Renault,

Mercedes Benz, Daimler Chrysler, German Open, Cultural Festival Koblenz

COMEDIANS - Barcelona, XIRRIQUITEULA - Teatro - Badalona, SCENA DIFUSIO - Bilbao,

DOCTOR MUSIC - FESTIVAL - Asturias, MAN - Valencia, Pentina EL GAT - Granollers,

Millennium VIA - DIGITAL - Spain, LA PUCA - Playa de Marbella, Barcelona,

Los Reyes Magos - Barcelona, PAYASO SIN FRONTERA - Spain,

Comedy - Club Kookaburra - Berlin

and many various street parties at home - and abroad.

Languages: English and Spanish